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Firefox - iGoogle Blend in Themes

Thursday, December 1, 2011

If you are using Firefox and have an iGoogle page than maybe you would like this. I have made two themes for iGoogle and two personas for Firefox that match together.
What you need for this to work is the add-on Personas for Firefox if you are using Firefox 3.5 of less, if you are using any of the Firefox 3.6 betas or 3.7 alphas you don't need to install  it, because it's built in.

1. The Aurora Borealis/Australis Theme
       -get the Firefox persona theme Aurora Australis
       - the Aurora Borealis iGoogle theme (it's a dynamic theme as you can see elow in the screenshots)
       - and the desktop backgrounds.

2. Iris
       - get the Firefox persona Iris Leaf
       - the Iris iGoogle Theme
       - and the wallpapers can be found here (most of them are branded -Ubuntu- but there's one clean)

Enjoy the ultimate themeing.

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