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Monday, October 24, 2011

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taxes are 30-35%

Rent is 900Euros (Thats a lot)

No familiar contingetnt :(

No savings, no fun.

I am not saying you shouldnt look into other options, but this doesnt sound rosy to me
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Has anyone in this forum tried to apply for teacher certification while on H4 status?

If so how did you finance your teacher preparation program fees?

Are we eligible for any loan while on H4 status or is a Visa status change to F1 required for loan eligibility?

Please respond if any of you have any information on these process

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I am also in the same shoes as you. Been here 9 years, filed GC in 2002, still no end in sight. I recently got a job offer from back home. Decent offer, I am told by friends, enough to sustain a good lifestyle and then save some. I am seriously comtemplating going back

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Hey Fellow IVers who had filed application at NSC and it was transferred to CSC and back to NSC pls. take the poll and keep updating your statistics!

As this poll is specifically for the cases transferred from NSC -- CSC --- NSC, can you add more options, like the receipt notices generated between Aug 25 to Sept 10, Sept 11 to Sept 25 and Sept 25 to current.
There would be lot of people in these three categories.
Very much intrested in knowing status of all the cases that have transferred from NSC to CSC and back to NSC

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Few months agoI have applied for AP and requested for an expedite process.
I have sent two pre-stamped envelops with the application. This is at NSC.

Fortunately, they have approved it in a week and sent the AP documents using the envelops. I have recevied the documents on the next day.

If you have a valid reason, it doesn't hurt requesting the expedite process with a proper evidence

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This is the most hopeless of all the articles I have seen on this issue. It has no meaning, no arguments, nothing new to tell or share and it doesn't even cover any issue. The article does not cover the issue properly making mockery of the entire issue. simply hopeless journalism :eek:

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Another possible example here: I heard a case where one labor led to TWO green cards. My understanding this is not possible and might have happened because of the rush USCIS was approving cases.

A friend of mine got 485 approval on June 29th. He was not expecting it to be approved for a specific reason: his company applied his GC using a pre-approved labor. The original labor was with a differnet person who left the company after his 485 was pending for six months (during retrogession time). That person later joined a company and eventually got his 485 approved. Meanwhile the company applied for the I140 withdrawal and simultaneously went ahead applying for I140 and 485 for my friend (he played along since nothing worse going to happen to anyone; and he had a complicated visa situation). They were not hopeful of approval but suddenly they saw the approval on June 29th.

Who knows how many more irregularities happened there during last two weeks.

There is nothing wrong in people getting approvals on july 2nd or for that matter entire this week or this month.. That is because, eventhough people get approval notice e-mails as july 2nd or any date after that, the actual approval happened 2-3 weeks before..

For example, for most of NSC approval in june 18th week, people have indicated that there Green card physical copy showed approval as June 4th. They got approval notice, and actual green cards starting only in June 3rd week. There has been flood of approvals, at least in NSC region.. Just ask any last month GC approved person, to tell what is the date for "Resident Since" on the green card

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I filed I-131 and I-765 and could not regenerate the confirmation receipt notice in PDF, system crashed and closed the window, but I have the receipt numbers did anyone went through this situation

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I was in a similar situation but since I had efiled, i had the LIN #. So i sent the photos after 2 weeks from my filing date. Did not wait for RFE. I received approvals on AP. In your case, you dont have a choice. In case you checks are cashed, try to capture the receipt # and then send the pictures by referncing the receipt #. It will make your case processing faster

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Our GC journeys have spanned 2 recessions and we could not even take advantage of the slight boom in the middle...how pathetic

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