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10 Artis Hollywood Ever Bullying Exposed

Monday, July 11, 2011

Christian Bale
When getting a film by Steven Spielberg's role in the age of 13, Christian received two different responses from classmates. "The girls all over me so happy, while the guys actually asked me to fight," remembers these Batman actor.

Demi Lovato
7th grade first time, Demi likes bullied by some of his friends at school. Because gencetan his friends, Demi increasingly dire. For parents to be out of school. He also continued his education via the Home Schooling. "At first I do not understand why they like menggencetku. Only now I understand, it all happened just because idupku styles differ from other children, "he concluded. Demi's been so little historian, artist, wrote that there are so envious. By now determined to become role models for children who are victims gencetan. "I wish I could help the Anti-Bullying program," he hoped.

Jessica Simpson
Due to a very large chest size, Jessica often receives a painful insult. "When walking in the hall I heard my friends whispered. Some even throw toilet paper and eggs to my house. There is also a write nasty things about me with a permanent marker on the roadside. They really hate me, "Jessica told me.

Michael Phelps
Swimmer who won eight medals at the Beijing Olympics are in his childhood had often dikerjai because of his bongsor. "Insults and gencetan in the schools that actually makes it a strong person," said the Mom. Oddities, Michael became a star after the Olympics, people who used menggencetnya shamelessly contact Michael on Facebook asking to be friends.

Mischa Barton
Now we know that girl is a rich celebrity with the style of dress that always cheat ABG world. Though previously not exactly. "I was not included in the popular boy gang," said Mischa. "As an outsider gang popular kids, I grew into a sensitive child. Already so I do not know how to dress cool and I also do not have much money, "continued the popular girl who after playing in the OC series. No wonder if Mischa bullied by a gang like the popular kids in school.

 Reese Witherspoon

Because of short stature and thick glasses, Reese Witherspoon became the butt of his schoolmates. "Until I'm satisfied it was ridiculed just because my body is short and bespectacled," recalls Oscar winner is (reportedly 50% of students bespectacled insulted his friends). "I remember how I cried two full weeks because her body was making my short softball team was denied entry," he added. But gradually he learned to accept and appreciate all the shortcomings of all their physical shortcomings. Experience is what makes it tough being ridiculed. In fact, Reese hopes his two children, Ava and Deacon, as well as her experience so that they learn to be strong.

Because the color of their skin lighter than his classmates in Barbados, Rihanna incessantly tortured. "At home, my skin color was never a problem. Uh, so I school, suddenly everyone is disputed. I'm very confused as to why they behave begtu to me, "he said. Mental torture he received until he graduated from elementary school.

Taylor Swift
"Many girls in my school friends used to think I'm a nerd. They often teased me with hurtful words, "go to Taylor. "At lunch in the canteen was torment for me. They must be immediately moved to see me come to sit at their desk, "he connects the story with exasperation. Who would have thought it strange boy has been transformed into a brilliant country singer and UNCLE HUSSAIN?

Tom Cruise
Now does someone have great respect for one of Hollywood's richest stars of this. But in the school, an all-out Tom bullied by her schoolmates. there is the age of 14, Tom has moved the school 15 times since his father constantly changing jobs. In the 15 schools that also received gencetan for gencetan Tom. "My body was small and I suffer from dyslexia (reading disorder). I became an easy target for kids was bigger. Sbenarnya I do not like hitting people, but if I do not squash it, I knew I'd be bullied all year, "the story of Suri Cruise's father is.

Vivtoria Beckham
"These days I do not have any old school friends. People like to push me and threatened to hurt me after school. They like to throw anything on me then that is in a puddle of water at me, "recalled wife of footballer David Beckham, this. Sadly, no one else willing to help Victoria's poor. "It's really a terrible experience, terrible. Actually I've tried to make friends with anybody, but I do not ernah get in any milieu. I would always be alone, "said the mother with 3 children.

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